February 2015 Newsletter

I experienced some technical problems sending out my newsletter last night.  I am still waiting for my e-commerce provider to assist.  So instead of resending it I thought I’d post my newsletter here for now:

What’s new at Doodlebums Diapers?

Lower the raised eyebrow

Do you have family members, friends or colleagues who just raise an eyebrow when you mention modern cloth nappies (mcn)?  Everyone seems to be stuck in the early 1900’s when only the white terry squares were available.  I have made a little video to introduce the uninformed, to modern cloth nappies.  Have a look here:

Introduction to Modern Cloth Nappies (mcn) video

Following the positive feedback from the video made, I will be making more.  If you’d like me to focus on a specific topic, please e-mail me at info@doodlebums.co.za

New products

We now stock the KAM snap pliers and plastic snaps.
It is a great little tool to install plastic snap closures.  The same as used on mcn.

Babythingz and Grovia joined Doodlebums.
Babythingz sell lovely all in one (AIO) and newborn nappies.

Grovia needs no introduction and you can have a look here:

Great Cloth Diaper Change 
Last year Doodlebums Diapers hosted the first Great Cloth Diaper Change in South Africa.  We hope to have inspired other businesses to host one in their area too.  If you are interested, please go to greatclothdiaperchange.com to register and then start planning your event.  Notify the South African leg of the GCDC Facebook page so we can notify everyone.

There are some great Facebook groups and blogs for all the mcn users

1.  South African Cloth Nappy Users group
2.  SA Cloth Diaper Buy/Sell Trade group
3.  South African Cloth Diaper Businesses group
4.  Parenting Cloth Bums SA
5.  South African Cloth Nappy Directory
6.  Doodlebums Diapers Blog

Valentine’s Gift Idea?

A gift voucher of course!
Buy a gift voucher for that special person in your life, to spoil the tiny special person in your life 😉

Loan Nappy Bucket

We offer the Loan Nappy Bucket which allows you to try three different brandnames of mcn at your home for two weeks.  We post anywhere in South Africa.

Forward this e-mail (well now it is a blog entry) to a friend – share the great world of modern cloth nappies with them ❤

Contact us:
Twitter @doodlebums
E-mail info@doodlebums.co.za
Online store http://www.doodlebums.co.za
Mobile 0837413267
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/doodlebums


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